Your personal purchases in Principality of Andorra

NB: This information was found on French Customs website (see url at the bottom of this page) and is brought to your attention only as a guidance. It remains your responsability to be aware of regulations and to comply with them

The formalities when returning from Principality of Andorra

According to the regulation, you are normally required to declare, going through Customs, the goods transported in order to pay the corresponding Duties & Taxes however, some products, by virtue of specific agreements between the European Union and Andorra, benefit from exemption, in value or in quantity, when bought either for personal use or as gift.


The goods you buy or are offered to you in Principality of Andorra

When you come back to France:
You can carry with you goods that you bought or which were offered to you in Andorra, without having to declare anything or having to pay Duties & Taxes if the value of these goods does not exceed in total 525 € (270 € if the traveler is 15 or less).

In addition to this exemption in value, you can import into France without formality or paying taxes:

- Tobacco, alcoholic beverage, coffee, tea, perfumes, as long as you do not exceed the following quantities:

Old travelers under age 15

Travelers of 15 and more years old

270 €

900 €
TOBACCO Cigarettes
or Cigarillos
or Cigars
or Tobacco
300 Units
150 Units
75 Units
400 grams
either Extracts and coffee essences
1000 grams
400 grams
or Extracts and tea essences
200 grams
80 grams
Still wines (not sparkling wines)
either drinks with more than 22 ° (degrees)
either drinks 22 ° (degrees or less)
5 liters
1,5 liers
3 liters
PERFUMES 75 grams

NB: You can do a selection of Tobacco and alcoholic drinks within the limits of the exemption authorized quantities.
For example, you only bought 100 cigarettes, meaning 1/3 of the granted exemption for this category of tobacco; you can use the remaining 2/3 to buy either 100 cigarillos or 50 cigarillos and 25 cigars.

- Food products up to 175 € by traveler (90 € if the traveler is 15 or less) taking into consideration the following limits:

MILKY PRODUCTS - Powder milk.
- Condensed milk.
- Fresh(Cool) milk.
- Butter.
- Cheese.
2,5 kg
3 kg
6 kg
1 kg
4 kg
MEAT 5 kg

Exemption accumulation

The sums or quantities indicated in the first table cannot be accumulated by several persons travelling together for the same object or purchase.

WARNING: the goods composed of several elements, and carried simultaneously in 1 means of transportation, are considered as a unique set, whatever the number of invoices is (example: hi-fi system elements).

NB: any object with a value superior to the exemption must be declared to Customs, and you will pay Duties & Taxes on the total amount, without any reduction.

Other formalities

In order not to carry along with you the invoices (written proofs) of past purchases like photo cameras, cam-corders, cellular phones etc..., you will need to register them on a free circulation card. Free and valid 10 years, this card will be set in every customs office and it will act as a written proof for all your future travels.

Some goods are subject to specific regulations/formalities when entering or exiting France (some plants/plant product or animal species near extinction, cultural goods, explosives, weapons and ammunitions etc...).
Please do contact customs head office, E2 office and\or consult the website ( > Private individuals > Formalities) for purchase and weapons/ammunitions circulation.

Since October 1st 2004, the pet animals such as dogs, cats and ferrets have to be
identified (tattoo or chip), vaccinated against rabies, own a standardized European passport, delivered and completed by a veterinarian, when traveling between France and Andorran territory.

Other goods are strictly forbidden for import-export or to be carried.
Plants/plant products potentially carrying harmful organisms, animal and plant species protected by the Washington agreement, medicines for human usage (import only is forbidden and applies only if the carried quantities exceed 3 months of treatment, no medical prescription is  asked in this case), as well as the aniseed extracts.
You must get information before your departure or your arrival, and obtain potential authorizations when necessary. In you don't, the goods will be kept by Customs waiting for things to be put in order.

In order to fight against dirty / drug traffics
money laundering, import-export of values and currencies you carry, with amount equal or superior to 10.000 euro (or his equivalent in foreign currencies), must be declared to Customs. It is compulsory to understand by values and currencies cash, credit notes,traveler checks, credit letters, postchèques and other bearer debt securities, ingots and golden/silver coins quoted on an official Stock Exchange.

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