Come to the Pyrénées-Orientales

Follow A9 motorway
"La Catalane"
and take exit "Le Boulou"

(Last exit in France)
D 900 (Old RN 9)
Come to the Pyrénées-Orientales BY AIR

"Perpignan Rivesaltes" airport
(Located 20 km
North of Perpignan)

Tel: +

Connection by bus or taxi in
30 minutes


The station is located in Perpignan's city center
Tel: +
Connection by bus or taxi in 20 minutes

There is no train station
in Le Boulou

The department of the Pyrénées-Orientales
The department of the Pyrénées-Orientales is part of 'Languedoc Roussillon' region.
Its borders are the Mediterranean Sea (East), Spain and Gerone province (South), 'Aude' department (North), Andorra and 'Ariège' department (West).
Pyrénées-Orientales is one of the few French departments ( with Alpes-Maritimes and Pyrénées-Atlantiques) which gives the possibility to the tourists and its inhabitants to enjoy sea and mountain activities at the same time.

The climate is mediterranean and peaceful. Winters are relatively sweet, snowfalls being very rare in plain. Summers are often very warm. Winds are very present, especially 'the Tramontana' which comes from the Northwest and frequently blows in speeds superior to 100 kph. The sea wind brings the rain.
The department of the Pyrénées-Orientales
Three parallel rivers, the Tech (in the South), the Tet (in the center) and the Agly (in theNorth) are passing throuh the department from West to East. 'Aude' river is also sourced in the Pyrénées-Orientales.
Peak Carlit (2.921 m) is the department's highest point, but the most famous spot remains the Canigou mountain.

Municipality of 5.000 inhabitants, Le Boulou is located at a crossroads. D 900 road (old RN 9) allows you to reach Perpignan, the sea or 'Le Perthus' in 15 minutes, the Pyrenees mountains or Figueres (Spain) in 30 minutes, Toulouse, Montpellier or Barcelone in 90 minutes.
Le Boulou average height is 80 meters and it is protected by the 'Alberes' chain.
The village benefits from a Mediterranean and moderate climate. According to some, The sun is shining 300 days per year!
To get to your appartment : 22 rue de la Coume

To get to your appartment : 22 rue de la Coume
Thanks to Thermal baths, Le Boulou has all necessary infrastructures for a quiet and pleasant life.

'St Jean Pla de Corts' lake is 5 minutes away, 'Villeneuve de la Raho' lake is 15 minutes away, Mediterranean sea 20 minutes ( Argeles), ski resorts 1 hour, Spain is 10 minutes away (Perthus), Figueres is 30 mns and Barcelona 1 hour and a half.

Le Boulou is the last exit in France on the freeway and is located at a privileged place.

Known since the Middle-Age, pure waters of Le Boulou are exploited since the end of the XIXth century.

Three types of water are used for thermal treatment:
- Le Boulou,
- Saint-Martin and
- Clémentine.

Waters of Le Boulou are made of sodic bicarbonate, magnesium and are carbo-gaseous.
Their emerging temperature is 16°C.

The thermal waters of Le Boulou give pain relief to persons suffering from migraines and  food originated allergies.
Thanks to its specific composition, they are also good for persons having arterial disease of the lower limbs

Thermal baths are manager by " Chaine Thermale du Soleil ".
To get to your appartment : 22 rue de la Coume
GPS: Latitude 42°31'41" North - longitude 2°49'54" East
Go to 'Le Boulou' city hall and the media library,
take next roundabout
1st right exit and then turn right again 50 meters after, you are there!

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